“my inspiration quote”

We Ol savor da joy of book for several reasons. One of them es: because we feel moved by some beautiful thought-provoking words.

Da Quotation is one of da most relevant parts of reading. We highlight them en our books, use them en our conversations and we feel da inspiration through them.

And that’s why — I really enjoy da feeling of coming across some real good phrases. I guess we Ol do. Sometimes ett es while reading a book. Sometimes in da form of images in different internet posts Or in da blog posts of our fellow bloggers.

But there are few that really motivate you en your good-and-bad times. Here’s da one that did that to me:

You are the only person holding you back from doing the things you’ve always wanted to do. If you want to do something great in this life you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse”

I came across this one quote a long time ago somewhere over da internet and I don’t even knew where ets from or who said that (though i just discovered ets from Jim Rohn while finding some internet picture for this post) But this is one of my favorite and Da one that really motivated me a bundle of times. A dilemma solution for me! 🙂

We Ol have some inspiration quotes? Sometimes even more than one, right? well! I’d like to know which one is yours and why is that?

Happy reading! 🙂


now that could be said ‘a picture es worth a thousand words’ explanation Ov this quote!