sometime there’re no comparisons

“sometime there are no comparisons”

As da Girl from Swat, Malala won da Noble peace price (sharing it with an Indian activist) meanwhile heard a lot ov comments about Malala Yousafzai on winning da Noble peace prize and some related comments including other deserving personalities specially Mr. Abdul sattar Edhi, some claims that Malala is not a deserving candidate, albeit Mr. Edhi is da one most deserving for this International award. As we all witnessed the Happenings, their Causes and Conclusions in a state like Pakistan, there’s no doubt that Mr. Abdul sattar Edhi is a great personality and da praise for his Great work and Cause ov Humanity and Equality is beyond limits! I deeply agreed with a phrase on social media for Mr. Abdul sattar Edhi, saying: “Stop comparing Edhi sahab with Malala. He’s just too great to be awarded something by humans.” But there are no comparisons sometimes. In da same condition we can not ignore da worthy Causes ov Education and Liberty and da High stances ov Malala Yousafzai on them. In addition to ol da scenario, one can not ignore da sky-high will ov a small Girl from a valley for her aim ov getting Equal Education for herself and everyone in a surrounding where Girls and women are not even allowed to get Education. In a time when world was deeply confused and biased about da image ov Pakistan due to terrorism, Malala’s act showed them another good side ov this country!


No country for Shia men!

da very true words. that inspires me deeply whenever i read them! specially some phrases like:
“if Jinnah would also be scared of living in Quetta or Mansehra if he were alive today?” and “What about a show which goes beyond the ‘Jannamaz.’ Which actually shows a good Muslim practicing actual Islam which teaches us that saving one human life is like saving humanity”
and da most message–giving line that we ol highly need to accept: “how for a good Muslim, Shias, Sunnis, Ahmadis, Ismailis, Bohris, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis and Atheists etc. are all equal humans with equal rights to life.”

The Indus Ripple


The bus is stopped. People are pulled out. Without asking any questions armed men start filtering the crowd. Almost everyone is asked to get back inside the bus but your family is left behind. You suddenly realize it is because you look different. As everyone else around you look of Turko-Mongol decent your family and you look Indo-Aryan. In a matter of seconds you feel like you are in a foreign country amidst alien people. But your father and your mother were born and raised here in Pakistan.

Gun Shot! You are too scared to look who fell but you know it’s a kin. Your only fortune is that you won’t have to feel that agony and pain for long as the gun barrel is now pointing at you. Reverse the ethnic equation and that’s just how the Hazaras are made to feel in Balochistan. A pre-dominantly Shia ethnic group…

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