This Winter…

I’m en love with an elm

ett showers da leaves on me,

da way one do with a bride

and while sitting with it,

i feel an undeniable pride

and en ets churning leaves,

i listen da best sound

like a girl crying for apart love,

while sitting on da ground!

And when breeze touches my face,

i can smell da scent ov love!

En da view ov sunset,

i know ets time to leave

da time passed so quickly,

i still couldn’t believe!

Now, i know da pain

and feel ov getting apart

Da fall ov This winter…

When I’m en love with an Elm.


Da art Ov truck

Lately, I got a chance to travel through a truck and it is when I actually got the chance to explore a Pakistani traditional truck with its artistry and design other than pictures and images.

It is well-known fact that the land of Pakistan is flourished with various forms of arts and crafts; out of many one wonderful kind is the TRUCK ART.

Truck art is considered to be an artistic presentation by truck drivers and local artist in Pakistan.

Pakistani truck art portrays the cultural history, tradition and story-telling. It’s not about the outer appearance but also within the cabins one can easily notice the beautiful carvings and patterns that showcase a beautiful look and somehow become a way of ease for owners; truck-drivers.

The art of truck initiated since the era when camels were used to travel and trades. When their possessor used to decorates them with brilliant and contrasted colors to attract the passers-by.

In early twentieth century transportation companies started hiring the craftsmen of that time to make their buses more artistic and attractive in order to engage the local public through their vehicles. The practice of this art has its roots in the days of Old British era. In the current designed phase, truck-art has also become a major way to advertise.

The other things that is really worth-promoting is the idea of bringing out the local talent of art in rural places like small towns, villages and valleys and to connect them with employment in their own way.


A local Artist.

Even if the reasons behind the truck of art are similar but they widely variant from each other in areas, culture and nature. The prominent examples of this are the highly connected but still distinct cities, towns, village and valleys.


a foreigner noticing da crafty and vibrant art Ov truck.

The art of truck is eminently appreciated in various countries and got a degree of fashion symbol. Lately, New-Zealand based photographer cum filmmaker: Grant Peter visited Pakistan and encapsulate Art of Truck for exhibition.

Art of truck is a powerful mechanism for regional inhabitants to express themselves artistically.