Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Da story es about twins; Cath and Wren. But mostly da story es about Cath. Cath who’s crazily crazy for two book characters: Simon and Basilton. Cath who started some new phases Ov her life: Leaving her Dad, her home, her town — and ending Up (somehow unintentionally) en new place wd new people around.

Leaving and Adapting: that’s what Cath es learning en her new journey.

best illustration for Cath

best illustration for Cath – i found

Leaving — her twin who wants to be On her Own.


Adapting Reagan-Levi ways (her roommates).

Da story es intriguing and there’s a flow en story what makes da reader to Go On and On. there are some Ov da best lines en story to make da reader laugh! Ol Over — ets a good-fun read. Immensely Enjoyeddddd! ^.^


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