Book Review: Matilda

Matilda edited version

This story es my first attempt to read a children classic.

Da story roams around a little girl who has some extraordinary brain powers and a worse family to handle.

Best part: according to me, da best part es da last part where Miss. Honey’s (Jennifer Honey) story started and unveiled da revelation that who’s da arrogant aunt Ov Miss. Honey? — from there da story continued with an amazing balance until last.

Important points: I liked that writer didn’t try to finish da story with a supernatural moment. Instead, he showed Matilda’s power as “need-for-something” kinda thing.

Illustrations: Da story es joined with illustrations by Quentin Blake which are not very detailed (personally I liked detailed illustrations) but still give an enjoyable support to help children understand da characters and circumstances.

Moral: da story promoted da value Ov Book-Reading which is very important for children to know.




words come like da flow Ov a cascade; steady and still en peace.


words feel trapped en a labyrinth; while finding them we lost Ourselves.


words are like creature behind a cage; wanting so much still no way to get them away.


words become da music; tingling wd da senses like a wind chime.