Da Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey people. first I’d like to thanks whoever created this whole awarded blogs idea which connects da blogging community in such an amazing way. And then Matt at Matt and His Cats for nominating me. check out his blog and I assure you’ll not get bored en his kitty corner ^.^

To me, this blog seems like a way to bring out da hidden sunshine among Ol Ov us!

So here’s a brighten-up-your-day quote: 🙂


spread da sunshine!

Here are da rules:

  • Thank the person/people who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions from your nominators.
  • Nominate other bloggers and give them eleven questions.
  • this is to spread the love and so that we’ll meet interesting bloggers. Please do check out all of the blogs I nominated and follow them if you like.


Here are my answers – (and I tried my best to do justice with them):

What is your go to beverage, either at a bar or cafe/ restaurant?

Tea. Olvays 🙂

Have you got a book/ book series you’ve read more than twice?

No book have appealed me enough to read ett again except forty rules Ov love (by elif shafak). but still ets my second time so technically da answer is NO.

What is your favourite holiday and why?

I love Ol kind Ov holidays if that means I’m getting a day off 😍

How long have you been blogging for?

For a year, I guess. I’m not sure exactly

What was your first home like/ If you haven’t moved out yet, what do you imagine your first home to be like?

A small apartment with a small bedroom & a BIG kitchen 😉

Are you a Cat or Dog person?

Neither. Though if I’ve to choose one I’d prefer cat. Kittens exactly 😉

Would you rather be a Viking or Roman soldier?

What are they? 😀 I’m sorry I don’t have any idea about them

Would you rather be a Pilot or a Sailor?

Sailor. Can I say pirate? Like captain jack sparrow ^.^

Would you rather be a fox or a horse?

Wow! Hard to choose. I’ll go with horse 😀

What is your favourite Pokemon?

Pikachu 🙂

Would you experience the life of a millionaire for a year, if it meant living on minimum wage for ten years afterwards?

No way 😐 I’d never exchange my ordinary self for some millionaire kinda offer.


NOW da questions designed by me:

1. Da scariest moment Ov your life?
2. A moment you want to relive?
3. A book that made you cry badly?
4. Your obsession – that really annoys your family/your partner?
5. What keeps you waking up every morning?
6. Define yourself through any fictitious book character? (from which book)
7. Your favorite house from Hogwarts School Ov witchcraft and wizardry?
8. What is ett you liked most in my blog/website?
9. Da best gift of mother nature, in your point of view?
10. A book you’d recommend every reader despite age and genre?
11. Few words of wisdom – that motivated you throughout bad&good times?


Here are my nominees for this award:

  1. Book Enthrall
  2. Reading with Lucia
  3. Fiddle & the Drum
  4. Comfy Reading
  5. Your daughters bookshelf


I hope you Ol are enjoying your current reads – Happy reading! 🙂

– Fatima.


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