Da way to winter ❄

So. Finally da beautiful and painfully silent nights and crispness in da air made me realize that it’s finally time for da winter. Da weather to enjoy readings with books-and-blankets. and Hot drinks, Of course.

Hot drinks + good reads. = perfect moments :))

Hot drinks + good reads = perfect moments :))

Though, I have never been fond of winter season much (referring to da torture of getting up in morning and to leave my warm, cozy bed) but da winter nights are seriously LOVE!

Secondly, ett reminds me of my childhood memories when I used to stay in bed packed with heavy quilted blankets. and da bell of any wandering vendor selling dry fruits and sweet treats (including my all time favorite; lachhay :P) in nearby street used to bring joy to my heart ^.^

Well! It’s not same anymore 😦 but I really miss those days which seems like a real winter treat.

Oh! and a glimpse Ov desi lachhay 😉 – Ol time favorite.


I hope you Ol enjoying da season and seasonal treats wherever you’re 🙂

Happy Winter Season! ❄


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