a less formal — About me

As my bio is kinda formal. Professional, yes. So I thought to go with another one which would be less formal 😉 (I’ll not remove da previous one because I like ett, too).
actually, I started this blog/website with a professional and journalistic (my subject) approach. But with da time I explored ett, I come across some very amazing people (Matt and Amy you’re INcluded) 😍 , their casual writings about life and other things, freely expressed book reviews and some real interesting awarded blogs. And with time I realized I’m enjoying ett more than my previous idea.

Poetry/poems, views, book reviews, adventures, exploring, experiences, philosophical thoughts, along with some real annoying blabbering 😛 – I assembled Ol Ov ett in this small world of my blog.

At first, What was just a simple attempt to read reviews of those books I couldn’t reach through da writings Ov others, turned out to be a real amazing experience. And I’d say I enjoyeddd ett a lottt!

Though, I don’t really need to say but anyone who come across this blog, is welcome to share ideas, books, words of wisdom. With a good discussion we Ol could learn something new and something better.

Happy reading! 🙂

– Fatima.


3 thoughts on “a less formal — About me

  1. This Sunday I went to 11th Karachi International Book Fair and bought a few books. Last night I started reading The Travels of Ibn e Battuta. Besides reading I like to travel. Do you?

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