a surprise present

Being an explorer, I Olvays liked and tried to explore something new. different. And interesting. And da world of internet helped me a lot with this.

a week ago I came across this post on a social media platform where an individual asked for help in a project. Where people (who would like to contribute) need to make a birthday note for her friend Carolina “In their Own language” and their country name in last. Along with another wish for Merry Christmas, to capture a picture of that happy birthday+merry Christmas note and send it to his email. Which would be gathered in a video as her surprise gift.

My birthday note:


Happy Birthday + Merry Christmas (en Urdu)

And believe! I really felt good doing this for her.

I made it in Urdu (my native language) along with some description in English to make it understandable, but for a clear idea of this birthday note. Here’s another example:

WIN_20151112_21_20_35_Pro (2)[1]

Da guy approached me and asked that he really need to collect at least fifteen of those happy birthday+merry Christmas notes before Christmas. As a help – da idea to post about birthday present contributions, strike me late but ets Olvays – better late than never. So Anyone who come across this post and feel inclined to participate could reach him at:



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