peyala hotel – place for chai lovers

As da evening fell and Maghreb prayers echoed, da food street Ov latifabad seventh unit came to a life with da hustle-bustle Ov passers-by, pedestrians, customers, consumers, riders and local people.

da food street Ov latifabad seventh unit es Olvays filled with various vendors selling variety Ov food items and drinks; milkshakes, bun-kebabs’ sandwiches, da specially minced meat masala (usually known as Kata-Katt) or da fast food corners and ice-creams parlors. Bursting with aromas Ov ready-made Or uncooked meals. It could seek da attention Ov any passer-by.

But one would always crave a desi hotel among this environment. Quetta Peyala Hotel  fulfills the demand Ov that desi-styled atmosphere with ets meals and services.

A place equally adored by daily wage laborers and workers, unemployed individuals, students and high profile people as well as families.

Quetta Peyala Hotel  started twelve years ago at da same food street by Mr. Khaliq Shah Offering da traditional Peyala Tea. Da peyala tea es famous for ets full-flavored strongly (I’d say painfully :P) sweet taste and da peyala style Ov serving which reminds da handed-down way Ov cultural cuisines.

Da combination Ov Parantha and Omelette added later to serve a complete meal. Which is equally adored by consumers. Da interesting aspect is that da Anda-Parantha with traditional peyala Chai es not limited as breakfast but served as a meal en da special hours Ov hotel.

Da hotel to work Ol week witnesses da hustle-bustle from 8pm till midnight as their special hours. Whereas da seasonal meals include Green Tea as their Winter Treats.

Along with their cuisines, people praise da service Ov Quetta peyala Hotel which serves da diners and Takeaway customers with professional ease.

No wonder Quetta peyala Hotel attracts da locals and make them prefer it among a number Ov Other hotels.


peyala hotel – a capture from food street

Hello people! As I mentioned before I started this blog with journalistic approach. So this one (feature), I did for my university paper. But there’s something more I’d like to share. As a reporter-in-process I Olvays told myself if I couldn’t observe & represent da things from my own place, there’s no way I could go further. Being a reporter and girl at same time, from a not-so-liberal place isn’t that simple. While doing this feature I realized da dhaba owner didn’t like da idea Ov a girl wandering in his male-packed customers & tried to shoo me away (not exaggerating!) 🙂 but then later after some effort, few people from da same dhaba helped me. and through this experience one Ov my POV got more strong;
Da idea Ov ‘negatives accompanied by positives’.

Thanks to my experience! :))


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