Book review: ME before YOU

I read Me before you by Jojo Moyes before my exam. so finally da thought es here:

this book was recommended to me by a blogger friend Amy at Book Enthral (thanks, sweetie) 😉

Well! that book helped me in the times when I was having some reading problems (now that might sound strange) but for some time I just lost my reading appetite 😦 part of reason es that I was not having a reach to some real interesting books and also because I tried to start screen readings BUT failed terribly! 😐

Me before you basically dealt with a really different issue: a person’s right to die!

and believe! ets not just a usual kind Ov any YA (young adult) book dealing with psychological problems Ov a high school kid (as I came across with likely plots recently). Ets more than that. Da story would really captivate your mind and move you with da story till da end. Da book contains a bit Ov length. but da story es worth ett.


da story es portrayed with da background Ov an English town and two main characters; Louisa Clark and William Traynor but each and every character helped to build da story at da best. In this book Jojo Moyes tried to highlight many issues that da reader would come across with progress en story.

I know da “no-spoilers” norm in our book review world. but I Olso think that ett might appeal few readers to get-and-read this beautiful book. Besides, ets one Ov those very few books that I’m glad I discovered this year! ❤

Happy Reading! – and may you Ol have many more happy reading years ahead ^.^