Outlandish Wonderland

Sometimes destiny throws you en far Out lands

Somewhere you couldn’t even imagine.

ett Stuns you


Surprise you.

and you try to run away!

and when you try to run away from those lands

you feel your Outside wreathing wd envisible boughs Ov that land.

and then you start realizing da Beauty Ov that land

accompanied by ets flaws.

and you realize.

that’s actually where you belong!

and you discover.

that land was enside you even before your destiny threw you enside ett!



2016 Resolutions Book Tag!

Hello everyone! Another Book Tag. And this one was nominated by Jordan at “Words. . . I need words“. Oh I just love her word-ish blog title 😉

Okay. So this one is about the new year resolutions.

Well. I’m not much in to resolutions. I’m more of a plan-it person. Is that same? 😐

For me, a resolution means 75% chance and 25% hope. But why not have a change. And still I’d try to be genuine 😉

How it works?
there are four categories instead Ov rules. And can include as many resolutions as one like.

Bookish Resolutions:

I enjoy being a book person – but I never made ett my intention to read piles-after-piles to achieve my book goal. I’d prefer enjoying essence Ov words and thoughts. I want my book journey to carry On this way! apart from that

In 2016, I will . . .

1. Read more printed words/books – as this image says;

Read the Printed Word!

2. And yes, I will try to explore more book places.

Book Blogging Resolutions:

As my blog website is not solely about books. It’s a blend of books, thoughts, words, explorations. My only effort is to keep it REAL so

In 2016, I will . . .

1. Continue being original and variant with my blog.

Career/ Academic Resolutions:

This is my last year of graduation studies and I’m really happy and relieved that I spent my previous graduation years with the concept of theory-and-practice together.

In 2016, I will . . .

1. find a job before da end Ov year – a job – that would justify with my degree.

Personal resolutions:

In 2016, I will . . .

1. Try to be less social en real life (Oh yeah! I mean ett) 🙂

I Tagged:

These are few blogs – that I explored recently – and really enjoyed!

I hope you Ol spent da new year surrounded by books!