books and Covers

Words were da first reason I felt inclined towards books and ever since words are da priority.

Never judge a book by cover – we Ol book people know this phrase and used ett occasionally (including me!)

But here I am. Confessing with Ol my might. I fell en love with a book by ets appearance, cover I mean 😛

So here ett es:


da pretty cover!

I heard a lot of praises and got recommendation regarding this book. And though now I got this en eBook format and hard copy (another edition). But when I came across this particular cover. I felt like, I need it. I definitely need this one.

But yeah! there are reasons to fall for this title. I like da amalgamation of words in the background. I like da sharpie written handwriting of title. And Oh I absolutely love da spiral notebook style (Obvious for someone who es obsessed with spiral notebooks).

There was a time when book covers were so plain, unattractive and similar with their appearances. But after da rise Ov YA (young adult) genre. Book appearance makes a great deal with Ol their font, illustration and Ol that. Spine-to-edge! 😛 And we reader actually look forward to having some pretty covers on Our paperback editions.

So which one do you like by ets cover most and why es that? I’d love to know. As we Ol have a crush on some specific book covers? 😉