Bird Ov words

Walking on da path
neither flying in da sky
I’m a bird Ov words
Just soaring with da wind

let me soar through da wild wind

What Creates me
What Destroys me
I’m da blend of magical ink

Beastly beautiful
That is what I am . .

Utterly doubtful
With my own self
In da journey of
being and not being

Elements powerful
In da layer of great galaxy
Fine fire, water
Dust and wicked wind

let me soar with da wild winds!




A place like heaven

A place like heaven and called T2F (da second floor).

I came to know about t2f through an article Ov friend en university paper. Da scenario he represented was interesting enough to go and check out more about ett. And after checking ets website and google pictures. I made a note to myself to visit ett whenever possible. I really, personally wanted to meet da person behind ett.

But, unfortunately it never happened – as sabeen was assassinated on da eve Ov twenty-fourth April after leaving from her Unsilence campaign.

Da day I finally visited the second floor. Explored ett. Met few people who actually know her. I realized who was she? I saw there’s a mark on everything she created en that place. And I savor every moment Ov my visit.

Da wall guiding towards da second floor Ov café. I just loved ett with Ol ets thought-provoking art.



A love at first sight book corner:



Da On-second-floor café:



Art on wall depicting the truck art with rich colors and desi style:



Here is to the crazy one” is a poem I fell in love with on the first-read. and which itself is a dedication to Ol da crazy ones Out there:



Some Other glimpse Ov da place:


PS. I know I’m worse when ett comes to photo captures. Same es da issue with photo editing. you could surely find many better Ones from internet. ets just an attempt. MY effort to express what I feel for her and da place she created. may we have many more Sabeen and may we have many more t2f!

link to official website: T2F (da second floor).