Ode to Unknown

Hey, everyone!

I have not been writing for some time. Mostly poems but not long posts etc. this one, I wanted to write for a long time but couldn’t find da best words to express my gratitude.

As I expressed several times, I love well-organized websites/blogs (guess, everyone does). Everything from color combinations to da choice of da theme & da pictures or illustrations bloggers select.

Sometimes, even a writing piece which looks like ett es written well does not attract da way other blogs posts do, which quotes things and highlight stuff in a good manner.

When I started writing this blog I realized I need to combine my words with pictures, but given that I am no good with captures I got da help of internet like many others. Da pictures of those incredible artists, photographers, designers and random-special people. Whose work of art has become a source of beauty for our blogging community.

This post es an Ode to those amazing unknowns. ✨

a small effort to thank all those artistic and creative minds.

Thankyou – for filling da internet with such beauty and being a help to numerous people out there, including ME! 🙂






Da flow and da fall

I want to be buried en dust

like a question

Unable to solve,

. .

like a Secret

Should not Unlock.