People are continents

People are continents

They Bond
Become a new created world

and then happens . . nature

People divide
Going in directions
Different from each other

Separate ways

& turn into
something new
once again

People are continents . .
Once, an inseparable world



Last of Twenty-Seventeen

I thought to assemble my lasts of twenty-seven including book reads, food, presents, creative stuff etc.


I was trying to complete Pat Barker’s war time story: Toby’s Room as my last book of this year. But got my hands on Katie McGarry’s young adult book by mere chance.

Pushing the limits by Katie McGarry . . the book (eBook!) is just so amazing. I started reading it last weekend due to absence of any real book (hard copy!) at that time anddd couldn’t stop reading it after that.

Hoping to complete it tonight as my last of twenty-seventeen. 🤓


As the year used to end with the festivities of December and the fun of Holidays, I happened to devoured a lot of yummy food. From Pateesa to Doughnuts and Burgers to Omazing Omelettes. I realized my love for food. 😻

But Hey! the best food goes to . . ta-da! Popcorn. Comfort food. 

If you consider it a real food. 😛


Gone are the days where I used to create lot and lot of artistic stuff 🙁

this year the least I could call my creativity is this.

After I ruined the front of my laptop while pasting a newspaper cutting with a sellotape. I took it to get covered with a real laptop sheet & combined it with this amazing quoted sticker.

Black and Yellow – the combo is not so bad!



I have some sorta attachment with yellow cartoon character. Be it SpongeBob or Simpsons. 

andddd . . 

I got the most happiest person as a birthday present this year – Mr. Happy. I loved the character oh so much. I already bore a small Mr. Happy journaling notebook. But the Mr. Happy himself made me drooling over it. 


Fatima xx

Food review: Karamél Cookies

After hearing a lot about this new cookie outlets Karamél in town, I finally ordered mine today while their free delivery offer is going for this weekend. 

I started with the basic and ordered the milk chocolates along with brownie.

Delivery: it was late due to the situation all over the city but in the end, am glad, they served it on my doorstep rather than an apology.

The meal: & the hype was not wrong, these cookies are really worth it. They are actually different than the ones we usually get with our hot drinks in cafés .

The sweetened taste was more than expected but the deliciousness made me forget it . 

I consumed mine with a glass of milk. (what could be the better combination of cookie than milk) & given their BIG size (as compared to the packet cookies) I was really full after a cookie and milk.

No kidding, but it’s actually kind of addictive.

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Food Review: Ridaan – House of Mandi

Till last year I wasn’t a foodie and I was definitely not an outgoing person. Every family lunch and dinner plan used to meet with a big flat NO!

Pizzeria. No!

Fast food. No!

Barbecue. Obviously NO!

But living in a different place other than your own brings a lot of new experiences and helps you explore a lot more.

Ridaan was one such place that I got to explore, totally suggested by friends. The experience was actually WOW that I fell in love with the idea of trying something new.

The place was adorned with all the fundamentals that would make you feel you have actually stepped into a Middle Eastern eatery.

Rather than tables, Ridaan is architectured into traditionally styled compartments, letting you to have the old-folk experience of dining while sitting on the floor covered into patterned sheets. If there is one thing I like about woodwork; it is the intricacy and Ridaan was furnished with some wonderful woodwork. The chandeliers festooned throughout the place give it a beautiful and luminous look.

Ridaan is an Arabic themed restaurant, that doesn’t offer a wide variety but some real good selected meals along with drinks and appetizers.

The real observation initiated with the menu; outlining all the main courses, appetizers and drinks the place was currently offering. We finally settled on Madbee as main course, and Kunafa as the sweet dish.


If there is one thing I like most about woodwork is its intricacy.

To our great delight, they served the soup as starter. The soup was actually nice and bore a real different taste than the usual soups (Chinese etc.) we devour on usual basis.

Then came the “Madbee” – which was a platter full of rice, chicken pieces, and salad vegetables. There were two kind of sauces, that might pass as raita in our desi version. The two platters were actually enough for four people.


The Madbee was actually served in two large platters.

Kunafa (the sweet meal) was equally tasty, which is a traditional combination of baked vermicelli and seasoned with thick cream. The best part about the sweet dish was that it was actually not over-sweetened. (not a sweet-tooth really! So it came as an advantage) 🙂



The meal that was actually served into two large platters filled with the main course meal – Madbee.


the impressive look of traditional round platters!


In the beginning we planned to have Qehva [drink] as our last take, but had to plan it for the next time. (Yep. Were really full by the time we were done with the Kunafa).

One of the things, that really impressed us – other than food  was the quick and efficient service of staff. 

Glad to say, it was an economical experience and is one of the best option when you are looking to have some good time with family-friends and wants to explore something new and different in a single shot.

Happy exploring, everyone! 😉

– Fatima

A visit to temple

Previously, I wrote about spending an evening in the church. This time, I got the chance to visit a temple (Shri Laxmi Narayan Temple).

Though it wasn’t the first time of visiting any temple, I got hit with the memories when I have been to the temple of a small town, earlier in my childhood. Of course, the time was different a decade ago, I still found it exciting to explore the place.

The temple was enhanced with the aura of its own.



Image belong to Discover Pakistan

When you visit a temple, even before the vision of ornamented place, you get to hear the jingle of bells moored at the beginning of the rooms.

In one corner of the breezy courtyard, birds descend to peck on the grains of bird-feed and chug water from the little bowls. At the end of the temple is the water bank, littered with the leftovers of everything and anything.

What is disappointing is the situation of water, filled with piles and piles of trash in the forms of plastics bags, flour bags and wrappers and boxes of used items. The current situation of water edge demonstrate, that the temple is in dire need of maintenance work. This is the high time, the government and administration should take practical initiatives for the preservation of decades-old site. The location can surely serve as one of the tourist spot after a couple of basic changes of immaculateness. 

Note: The above picture belong to Discover Pakistan Website.

A scrumptious journey

So last weekend, after having a scrumptious lunch, I headed over to a restaurant-cum-cafe: Del frio. Even though, I primarily planned to have some ice cream scoops, I got real confused after scanning the dessert menu which was filled with appealing titles . Midway, I decided to have some brownie because at that point, I really wanted to eat some baked item; In the end the Brownie with Ice cream came to my rescue.

And TA-DA!!! it was actually amazing . .

The combo of just-baked hot brownie and chilled Vanilla Ice cream really made me feel heavenly. The brownie was so . . homelike!

unnamed (6)

from the beginning . . . till the very end!

Not exaggerating, but after some hours I was craving to have it again. Wondering, whether they home deliver their so-good-yum?

Da cutest game

Ett was a rainy day since late morning and I had nothing good to do except surfing da internet and exploring my phone over again. That’s when I came across – sago mini friends – game application.

Sago mini friends is a game for little kids, as I realized while playing that worked on ets graphics very finely. From the activities in the game to the use of color combinations. ett seemed almost perfect. Even after being a person who is not into the games much (can say: not at all), I found myself playing it fondly.


characters giving expressions

Sago mini friends is a great choice for parents/people who want their little kids to get invested in something interesting yet educating; where they are able to learn something useful while they are holding their gadgets.

I really liked some specific acts portrayed in the game that could show manners to growing kids. like ringing the doorbell before going to your friend’s place and drying up the dishes after washing them. This game is the blend of work tasks and fun tasks; like planting, mending, playing, eating/drinking and other daily routine stuff. With the game characters designed by the creators in a unique perspective, they are surely worth the time and price for you.


Ode to Unknown

Hey, everyone!

I have not been writing for some time. Mostly poems but not long posts etc. this one, I wanted to write for a long time but couldn’t find da best words to express my gratitude.

As I expressed several times, I love well-organized websites/blogs (guess, everyone does). Everything from color combinations to da choice of da theme & da pictures or illustrations bloggers select.

Sometimes, even a writing piece which looks like ett es written well does not attract da way other blogs posts do, which quotes things and highlight stuff in a good manner.

When I started writing this blog I realized I need to combine my words with pictures, but given that I am no good with captures I got da help of internet like many others. Da pictures of those incredible artists, photographers, designers and random-special people. Whose work of art has become a source of beauty for our blogging community.

This post es an Ode to those amazing unknowns. ✨

a small effort to thank all those artistic and creative minds.

Thankyou – for filling da internet with such beauty and being a help to numerous people out there, including ME! 🙂





A place like heaven

A place like heaven and called T2F (da second floor).

I came to know about t2f through an article Ov friend en university paper. Da scenario he represented was interesting enough to go and check out more about ett. And after checking ets website and google pictures. I made a note to myself to visit ett whenever possible. I really, personally wanted to meet da person behind ett.

But, unfortunately it never happened – as sabeen was assassinated on da eve Ov twenty-fourth April after leaving from her Unsilence campaign.

Da day I finally visited the second floor. Explored ett. Met few people who actually know her. I realized who was she? I saw there’s a mark on everything she created en that place. And I savor every moment Ov my visit.

Da wall guiding towards da second floor Ov café. I just loved ett with Ol ets thought-provoking art.



A love at first sight book corner:



Da On-second-floor café:



Art on wall depicting the truck art with rich colors and desi style:



Here is to the crazy one” is a poem I fell in love with on the first-read. and which itself is a dedication to Ol da crazy ones Out there:



Some Other glimpse Ov da place:


PS. I know I’m worse when ett comes to photo captures. Same es da issue with photo editing. you could surely find many better Ones from internet. ets just an attempt. MY effort to express what I feel for her and da place she created. may we have many more Sabeen and may we have many more t2f!

link to official website: T2F (da second floor).