Last Book in 2017

So . . I was trying to complete Pat Barker’s war time story: Toby’s Room as my last book of this year. But got my hands on Katie McGarry’s young adult book by mere chance.

Pushing the limits by Katie McGarry . . the book (eBook!) is just so amazing. I started reading it last weekend due to absence of any real book (hard copy!) at that time anddd couldn’t stop reading it after that.

Hoping to complete it tonight as my last of twenty-seventeen. 🤓


Book review: Cheryl Strayed Book

The actual title of the book is: Tiny Beautiful Things – Advice on Love and Life from Someone who has been there. The author is Cheryl Strayed. I know what you might be thinking: an Advice column? Or a bundle of Advice columns compiled as a book?


When I finally got the book!


First thought on the book:

Never thought I was the kind of person who could read internet suggestion columns kinda thing but that’s the beauty of books; the very best combination of paper and words make you explore a lot more than you expect.

I didn’t had very-many words to write a long book review of this one however I thought to express some of my feelings.


When I first got hold of the book; some of the phrases that appealed me much to continue reading it.

What led me to this book
: Wild.

Upon watching the movie: Wild, which was the adaptation of the book on her real life story I came to know about Cheryl Strayed. The inspiration from movie was enough to make me read the book as well. But alternatively I came across this one in the library.

When I first got hold of the book; there were some of the phrases that appealed me much to continue reading it.



I never read a better description of love. so concise!

and when I got to this page, all I could think is: Woah! I never read a better description of what love is. It so concise! and simultaneously so true.

The best thing you can possibly do with your life is to tackle the motherfucking shit out of love.

Eventually, the book made me realize how sometimes words can help you and how sometimes words can heal you. all in all, it made me realize: words matters! 

What you could expect from this book. Questions! Usually, we read stuff to get our answers but through this book I got informed about a lot of queries that might present in some hidden part of our minds but the ones we never actually give a thought. Strayed so beautifully dealt with those uncertainties while sharing her own real life tales.

I won’t ask you to add this book in your To-Be-Read list and read whenever you can. But I would surely suggest you to consider reading it when you want to ask some really shitty-confusing, killing your good vibes kind of questions in your life. Strayed’s responses might accompany you to acknowledge a lot in your quests.


Happy reading!

– Fatima 🙂

Book review: the storied life of AJ fikry

The storied life of AJ fikry = a bookish treat.

This book was recommended to me a year ago (or more I guess!). 

The storied life of AJ fikry by Gabrielle Zevin

At first, I was unable to understand the idea of this book – labelled as adult fiction and with an interesting synopsis; whether this book is a mystery thriller about a kid secretly left on the doorstep of the protagonist . . but why the front cover is filled with the illustration of books. and what’s the ‘story-ied life’ – the term which is making it look like the story with the background of 90s . I probably won’t prefer a book set in a background that old?!

That was all, what was going in my mind when I picked the book. 

But you know how sometimes we wonder if there would be a story on books, in fact if there would be a book on books? That’s what “the storied life of AJ fikry” is. 

It is so filled with bookish stuff; you’ll fall in love with reading and books even more. Gabrielle zevin so nicely interwined the story with the references of books, you’ll end up loving it. I repeat: this book is a bookish treat. 🙂

but he had been wrong. Infallible A.J. had not sniffed out Leon Friedman as a fraud. She is not sure why this matters at this moment, but it does. Maybe it is evidence of some boyish, delusional part of him. She cocks her head. I will keep this secret because I love you. As Leon Friedman (Leonora Ferris?) once wrote, ‘A good marriage is, at least, one part conspiracy.

Book Review: a mirrored life

I happen to read A Mirrored Life by Rabisankar Bal as third book of this year. Given that I have the goal of reading just twelve books this year due to reasons of time management for other tasks – I am more than safe to pick the books that will not stuck me and let my goal be completed at the end of this year.


Whenever I don’t have the philosophical flow of words in my mind about any book, I try to be technical in the book review; pointing out the goods-and-bads of the book that might help the other readers to choose that book.


The book revolves around multiple characters including Rumi, Shams, Hussam, Sultan from an era & Ibne-e-batuta from some other. so actually I’m really confused about how the author unveiled the story (if you can call it a story). To me, its like some one has compiled a lot of events in a single story but failed to display the connection.


So the things that kicked out the book out of the list of my recommendations:


Repetitiveness. One thing I hate most in a book is the unnecessary addition of words and phrases. Explanations that could easily be avoided to keep the interest of story. By the end of the story, I was loathing the immense use of a repetitive phrase throughout the story, that is: let me tell you a story.


Another example of repetitiveness includes the same account of Ibn Arabi and Maulana Rumi being the icons of Sufism with different paths of love and knowledge, respectively. If I’m not wrong this fact was acknowledged thrice in the book when it can easily be replaced with some another.


& da lack of a story plot.


A mirrored life by Rabisankar Bal could have been much better if the author have tried to narrate it through a genuine plot. The random description of the main characters of story here and there disturbed me and due to that all I wanted to do was – finish the book as soon as possible.


but still there were couple of phrases that clicked me on the first glance.




The good thing about the book:
Here you go. There is one thing that I really liked about the book – It is fast paced and short.



Book review: like the flowing river

Thoughts and Reflections by Paulo Coelho.

Paulo Coelho is among those writers, I start my reading journey with. I read a couple of books written by him but, unfortunately, I didn’t found them appealing enough to continue. The interesting aspect is that the more I admire his quotes; philosophical and thought-provoking words. The less bounding I found the plots of his stories.

So I quit.

After a long time, I tried to pick one of his books again.


my copy of ‘thoughts and reflections’

Thoughts and reflections is a collection of short stories written by the personal experiences of the author; Paulo Coelho.

They’re really short (justifying with the short story format) but each of them finished with a message. Some more than one!

It included personal accounts, famous and not-so-famous tales, descriptions of general principles of love, luck, learning, and life. Thoughts and reflections would depict the chances of second-chance through different stories. The mystery of mysterious signs from nature. Lessons from past. Faithful hopes for future. And. The importance of prayers.

Surely I found my favorites. More than one. including — Of books and libraries — where the author recounted that:

a book has its own journey to make and should not condemned to being stuck on a shelf.

and How do we survive? — Which es based on quite scientific issue where the author unfolded to the readers a realistic approach. Coelho compared the environments of old era and present. He pointed out that even though da old era (according to scientists) was unhygienic,

We managed to survive with a few grazed knees and a few trauma. We not only survived, we look back nostalgically to the days when it was not a poison, when a child was expected to resolve any problems without outside help, getting into fights if necessary, and spending much of the day without any electronic toys, and, instead inventing games with friends.

But there is one that I really adore much; The cloud and the sand dune.

Along with some lesson giving messages in the book, I found some appealing questions too. That did let me contemplate the meaning of life a lot more deeply and a little more skeptically. There’s one from a short story titled Self-Deception which raises the query something like:

“Why believe that things have changed simply because they do not happen quite as expected?”

Whereas the story of Alone on the Road probe the reader with a simplest query with an ideal lesson:

“As we pedal towards our goal, we must make a point of asking ourselves: ‘What is beautiful about today?’ ”


a little sneak peek from my copy of ‘like the flowing river’

Now being a bit statistical, this book contains 120 narratives. And have the most rare insights of a life fully lived. You could say the book is less fictitious. But it worked for me!

May you all explore the true essence of words of wisdom.

Happy reading! 🙂

Book review: ME before YOU

I read Me before you by Jojo Moyes before my exam. so finally da thought es here:

this book was recommended to me by a blogger friend Amy at Book Enthral (thanks, sweetie) 😉

Well! that book helped me in the times when I was having some reading problems (now that might sound strange) but for some time I just lost my reading appetite 😦 part of reason es that I was not having a reach to some real interesting books and also because I tried to start screen readings BUT failed terribly! 😐

Me before you basically dealt with a really different issue: a person’s right to die!

and believe! ets not just a usual kind Ov any YA (young adult) book dealing with psychological problems Ov a high school kid (as I came across with likely plots recently). Ets more than that. Da story would really captivate your mind and move you with da story till da end. Da book contains a bit Ov length. but da story es worth ett.


da story es portrayed with da background Ov an English town and two main characters; Louisa Clark and William Traynor but each and every character helped to build da story at da best. In this book Jojo Moyes tried to highlight many issues that da reader would come across with progress en story.

I know da “no-spoilers” norm in our book review world. but I Olso think that ett might appeal few readers to get-and-read this beautiful book. Besides, ets one Ov those very few books that I’m glad I discovered this year! ❤

Happy Reading! – and may you Ol have many more happy reading years ahead ^.^

Book Review: Da god Ov small things by Arundhati Roy

Da god of small things — is a story of twins. Two-egg twins and Of their small world. I don’t actually know how to summarize this book. Sometimes, I just feel unable with this quality. But I wanna share some feelings I went through while reading it.

Some books contains surprises in them. I explored some throughout this book. I’m amazed at how beautifully the writer created a world of her own in this book. A book with some small things, and some real, bigger issues; with its flaws along with its beauty.

my personal copy Ov - da god Ov small things

my personal copy Ov – da god Ov small things

In general, I heard and seen (through movies usually) a lot about that part of world. But this is the first time I really felt connected’ to that territory. Through the small world of two little ambassador; Rahel. And. Estha. Esthapappychachan kuttapan peter Mon 🙂 (I couldn’t stop myself writing this). Thanks to Roy.

Surprisingly, this book reminded me of beloved Sabeen. Arundhati Roy — embrace Ol da qualities (and flaws!) of being a dissent. And it is such a good feeling to come across someone like her.

and da air was full of Things and Thoughts to say. But at times like these, Only da small things are ever said. Big Things lurk unsaid enside.

Ol hail to words!

title page

title page

Being an avid reader. I always loved reading books. But that never included poetry.

Okay. To be honest I always thought poetry/poems are a bit complicated version of words.

But last month I came across an amazing poem book that seriously changed my point of view.

I actually started reading this book after randomly picking a poem ‘I’m not so naive’ and the next thing I know. I was reading it again and again. And at last I borrowed the book from the owner (though, personally I don’t like exchanging books).

“Raging to be free” is English translation of the Sindhi poetry collections by Attiya Dawood done by Mr. Asif Aslam Farrukhi. The poems are accompanied by some brilliant artistic pieces of Mr. Abro which raised the essence of poems.

Attiya dawood represented the women of east in such a beautiful way. I am happy that I personally met the author and I’m more than happy that I came across this book and witnessed those feelings while reading those poems; bold. blunt. true. In depth.

enside pages - lines from I'm not so naive

enside pages – lines from I’m not so naive

Though, ets a disappointed I didn’t found da book in Goodreads. The book really deserves a lot of praises.

For details check here.

Book Review: PS. I love you by Cecelia Ahern

PS. I love you by Cecelia Ahern

PS. I love you by Cecelia Ahern

Da story is about Holly who lost her love. Gerry, her husband, best friend, family and everything. How hard ett es for Holly to cope with that and how Gerry helped Holly after death with this.

Okay. So first Ov Ol let me say. This book was a journey to me. I went through different moods and different views about this book until last.

When I started this book I was expecting much. In da beginning da narrative felt so exaggerated. I actually skipped PAGES to reach da end (this happened in ‘girls in da city documentary made by Declan’ chapters). But eventually da story got better. Specially when ett focused on Holly. And well! Holly and Gerry.

Da family scenes were good and I enjoyed reading da conversations but at some places they felt unneeded. Overall it’s a good book. Worth try. Da only thing is that, da story could be summed up in less pages. I mean 500+ es a LOT to me.

I really felt connected to some phrases in this book. Da end was really good and at last I’m satisfied that eventually I enjoyed reading ett and finished this one.

Excerpted from the story:

Finding someone you love and who loves you back is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. But finding a true soul mate is an even better feeling. A soul mate is someone who understands you like no other, loves you like no other, will be there for you for ever, no matter what. They say that nothing lasts for ever, but I am a firm believer in the fact that for some, love lives on even after they’re gone.

Book Review: Matilda

Matilda edited version

This story es my first attempt to read a children classic.

Da story roams around a little girl who has some extraordinary brain powers and a worse family to handle.

Best part: according to me, da best part es da last part where Miss. Honey’s (Jennifer Honey) story started and unveiled da revelation that who’s da arrogant aunt Ov Miss. Honey? — from there da story continued with an amazing balance until last.

Important points: I liked that writer didn’t try to finish da story with a supernatural moment. Instead, he showed Matilda’s power as “need-for-something” kinda thing.

Illustrations: Da story es joined with illustrations by Quentin Blake which are not very detailed (personally I liked detailed illustrations) but still give an enjoyable support to help children understand da characters and circumstances.

Moral: da story promoted da value Ov Book-Reading which is very important for children to know.