thankyou ammi!

Initially, I planned to publish this post on my birth day (the idea of thank-you note) but given that, today is international women day. I realized ett es something special. And I wanted to share my love and gratitude to someone who made me realize how beautiful creation is a woman. Thanks to my mom – ammi – who never let me feel that I am in any way lesser from my brother as a girl or any other boy out there in the society & who carved the best of my personality out of me.

This might sound simple but going through daily routine where I see even the most educated girls from my university behave in such an inferior way, who let themselves use/abuse with the so called principles and patterns of society. And where the women put ett like: Ett es Okay for a girl to bear the torture – just because in the end she is the one who is supposed to be the homemaker.


Things like that are painful and Things like that also makes me realize how much blessed I’m to have a lady in my life, who taught me the beautiful ways to live this life.

Who loved me enough to let me go and explore on my own and at the same time for being a backbone to me.

Thank you Ammi. For making me what I’m today! 🙂

Happy women day, everyone! ^.^


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fifty shades of being an undergraduate

So I was supposed to make a research paper proposal, instead I came up with this:

Introduction: the individual who’s the student of undergraduate final year is supposed to make research paperroni proposal but facing the mind block issues. ‘mind block’ is a sibling of writers block and artist block but has more effects on an individual as its directly controls the mind.

find out a peaceful place.
the research doer should find a peaceful corner to relax and relax more. only this can fix the mind block problem. it will also be helpful to ponder upon the factors of why the mind isn’t supporting the individual with the current task at the time (in this case, proposal making, brainstorming).

find some ‘other’ activity: this other refers to anything other than the current task. research found that the more you try to focus on the demanded task, the more your mind will try to get away from it. the only possible solution is to divert mind somewhere else or something else. this would be a effective strategy to deal with the mind block problem.

Oh yes! it helps. get a blank sheet and write. write anything and everything. write whatever comes in your mind. this is the activity of that would help your mind to vent out the extra (or maybe worthy-extra as you may call it) material out of your mind that might be surrounding over the main channel of your mind and blocking the path for the current task.

Thank you.


PS. this material es Ol Original 😍

Da cutest game

Ett was a rainy day since late morning and I had nothing good to do except surfing da internet and exploring my phone over again. That’s when I came across – sago mini friends – game application.

Sago mini friends is a game for little kids, as I realized while playing that worked on ets graphics very finely. From the activities in the game to the use of color combinations. ett seemed almost perfect. Even after being a person who is not into the games much (can say: not at all), I found myself playing it fondly.


characters giving expressions

Sago mini friends is a great choice for parents/people who want their little kids to get invested in something interesting yet educating; where they are able to learn something useful while they are holding their gadgets.

I really liked some specific acts portrayed in the game that could show manners to growing kids. like ringing the doorbell before going to your friend’s place and drying up the dishes after washing them. This game is the blend of work tasks and fun tasks; like planting, mending, playing, eating/drinking and other daily routine stuff. With the game characters designed by the creators in a unique perspective, they are surely worth the time and price for you.


Ode to Unknown

Hey, everyone!

I have not been writing for some time. Mostly poems but not long posts etc. this one, I wanted to write for a long time but couldn’t find da best words to express my gratitude.

As I expressed several times, I love well-organized websites/blogs (guess, everyone does). Everything from color combinations to da choice of da theme & da pictures or illustrations bloggers select.

Sometimes, even a writing piece which looks like ett es written well does not attract da way other blogs posts do, which quotes things and highlight stuff in a good manner.

When I started writing this blog I realized I need to combine my words with pictures, but given that I am no good with captures I got da help of internet like many others. Da pictures of those incredible artists, photographers, designers and random-special people. Whose work of art has become a source of beauty for our blogging community.

This post es an Ode to those amazing unknowns. ✨

a small effort to thank all those artistic and creative minds.

Thankyou – for filling da internet with such beauty and being a help to numerous people out there, including ME! 🙂





Bird Ov words

Walking on da path
neither flying in da sky
I’m a bird Ov words
Just soaring with da wind

let me soar through da wild wind

What Creates me
What Destroys me
I’m da blend of magical ink

Beastly beautiful
That is what I am . .

Utterly doubtful
With my own self
In da journey of
being and not being

Elements powerful
In da layer of great galaxy
Fine fire, water
Dust and wicked wind

let me soar with da wild winds!



A place like heaven

A place like heaven and called T2F (da second floor).

I came to know about t2f through an article Ov friend en university paper. Da scenario he represented was interesting enough to go and check out more about ett. And after checking ets website and google pictures. I made a note to myself to visit ett whenever possible. I really, personally wanted to meet da person behind ett.

But, unfortunately it never happened – as sabeen was assassinated on da eve Ov twenty-fourth April after leaving from her Unsilence campaign.

Da day I finally visited the second floor. Explored ett. Met few people who actually know her. I realized who was she? I saw there’s a mark on everything she created en that place. And I savor every moment Ov my visit.

Da wall guiding towards da second floor Ov café. I just loved ett with Ol ets thought-provoking art.



A love at first sight book corner:



Da On-second-floor café:



Art on wall depicting the truck art with rich colors and desi style:



Here is to the crazy one” is a poem I fell in love with on the first-read. and which itself is a dedication to Ol da crazy ones Out there:



Some Other glimpse Ov da place:


PS. I know I’m worse when ett comes to photo captures. Same es da issue with photo editing. you could surely find many better Ones from internet. ets just an attempt. MY effort to express what I feel for her and da place she created. may we have many more Sabeen and may we have many more t2f!

link to official website: T2F (da second floor).

books and Covers

Words were da first reason I felt inclined towards books and ever since words are da priority.

Never judge a book by cover – we Ol book people know this phrase and used ett occasionally (including me!)

But here I am. Confessing with Ol my might. I fell en love with a book by ets appearance, cover I mean 😛

So here ett es:


da pretty cover!

I heard a lot of praises and got recommendation regarding this book. And though now I got this en eBook format and hard copy (another edition). But when I came across this particular cover. I felt like, I need it. I definitely need this one.

But yeah! there are reasons to fall for this title. I like da amalgamation of words in the background. I like da sharpie written handwriting of title. And Oh I absolutely love da spiral notebook style (Obvious for someone who es obsessed with spiral notebooks).

There was a time when book covers were so plain, unattractive and similar with their appearances. But after da rise Ov YA (young adult) genre. Book appearance makes a great deal with Ol their font, illustration and Ol that. Spine-to-edge! 😛 And we reader actually look forward to having some pretty covers on Our paperback editions.

So which one do you like by ets cover most and why es that? I’d love to know. As we Ol have a crush on some specific book covers? 😉

Wake Me Up!

Wake me up

From those fake dreams

Fell en to

An imaginary stream

With hopes to conquer da world

I lost my own self esteem

Better to watch da footsteps

Da bloody path es a nightmare

Disguised in da shape Ov sweet dreams

Ett would shatter da soul into a thousand pieces

And let da body stay evergreen.