I don’t keep dry rose petals
inside my belongings,

I crumble them
and sprinkle them over
like the dead ashes.



A visit to temple

Previously, I wrote about spending an evening in the church. This time, I got the chance to visit a temple (Shri Laxmi Narayan Temple).

Though it wasn’t the first time of visiting any temple, I got hit with the memories when I have been to the temple of a small town, earlier in my childhood. Of course, the time was different a decade ago, I still found it exciting to explore the place.

The temple was enhanced with the aura of its own.



Image belong to Discover Pakistan

When you visit a temple, even before the vision of ornamented place, you get to hear the jingle of bells moored at the beginning of the rooms.

In one corner of the breezy courtyard, birds descend to peck on the grains of bird-feed and chug water from the little bowls. At the end of the temple is the water bank, littered with the leftovers of everything and anything.

What is disappointing is the situation of water, filled with piles and piles of trash in the forms of plastics bags, flour bags and wrappers and boxes of used items. The current situation of water edge demonstrate, that the temple is in dire need of maintenance work. This is the high time, the government and administration should take practical initiatives for the preservation of decades-old site. The location can surely serve as one of the tourist spot after a couple of basic changes of immaculateness. 

Note: The above picture belong to Discover Pakistan Website.

A scrumptious journey

So last weekend, after having a scrumptious lunch, I headed over to a restaurant-cum-cafe: Del frio. Even though, I primarily planned to have some ice cream scoops, I got real confused after scanning the dessert menu which was filled with appealing titles . Midway, I decided to have some brownie because at that point, I really wanted to eat some baked item; In the end the Brownie with Ice cream came to my rescue.

And TA-DA!!! it was actually amazing . .

The combo of just-baked hot brownie and chilled Vanilla Ice cream really made me feel heavenly. The brownie was so . . homelike!

unnamed (6)

from the beginning . . . till the very end!

Not exaggerating, but after some hours I was craving to have it again. Wondering, whether they home deliver their so-good-yum?

da world of imaginary realism

I’m the fire that will burn you
and could become the reason of your destruction.

I’m the water that will be your flow
and could take you to the other part of your destination.

I’m the wind
that will surround you like your shadow

and make your soul
to flee away
from your Own

I’m everything that you can imagine
I’m anything you cannot believe!



Book Review: a mirrored life

I happen to read A Mirrored Life by Rabisankar Bal as third book of this year. Given that I have the goal of reading just twelve books this year due to reasons of time management for other tasks – I am more than safe to pick the books that will not stuck me and let my goal be completed at the end of this year.


Whenever I don’t have the philosophical flow of words in my mind about any book, I try to be technical in the book review; pointing out the goods-and-bads of the book that might help the other readers to choose that book.


The book revolves around multiple characters including Rumi, Shams, Hussam, Sultan from an era & Ibne-e-batuta from some other. so actually I’m really confused about how the author unveiled the story (if you can call it a story). To me, its like some one has compiled a lot of events in a single story but failed to display the connection.


So the things that kicked out the book out of the list of my recommendations:


Repetitiveness. One thing I hate most in a book is the unnecessary addition of words and phrases. Explanations that could easily be avoided to keep the interest of story. By the end of the story, I was loathing the immense use of a repetitive phrase throughout the story, that is: let me tell you a story.


Another example of repetitiveness includes the same account of Ibn Arabi and Maulana Rumi being the icons of Sufism with different paths of love and knowledge, respectively. If I’m not wrong this fact was acknowledged thrice in the book when it can easily be replaced with some another.


& da lack of a story plot.


A mirrored life by Rabisankar Bal could have been much better if the author have tried to narrate it through a genuine plot. The random description of the main characters of story here and there disturbed me and due to that all I wanted to do was – finish the book as soon as possible.


but still there were couple of phrases that clicked me on the first glance.




The good thing about the book:
Here you go. There is one thing that I really liked about the book – It is fast paced and short.




Here and there

now and then


telling me

that I’m un growing

day by day . . .

they remember

da bloom and blossoms

of past days

And here I’m

recalling myself

of that phoenix

I read about in a book

who used to revel

en ets youngest days

then churning

night after after

like a hopeless

autumn leaf

and at last

burning en ets Own fire

Only to get a new birth

and live again

Da only thing es

after withering

night -after- night

day- by -day

I don’t want to get

a new life again

I just want this apocalypse

to be my end . . .


thankyou ammi!

Initially, I planned to publish this post on my birth day (the idea of thank-you note) but given that, today is international women day. I realized ett es something special. And I wanted to share my love and gratitude to someone who made me realize how beautiful creation is a woman. Thanks to my mom – ammi – who never let me feel that I am in any way lesser from my brother as a girl or any other boy out there in the society & who carved the best of my personality out of me.

This might sound simple but going through daily routine where I see even the most educated girls from my university behave in such an inferior way, who let themselves use/abuse with the so called principles and patterns of society. And where the women put ett like: Ett es Okay for a girl to bear the torture – just because in the end she is the one who is supposed to be the homemaker.


Things like that are painful and Things like that also makes me realize how much blessed I’m to have a lady in my life, who taught me the beautiful ways to live this life.

Who loved me enough to let me go and explore on my own and at the same time for being a backbone to me.

Thank you Ammi. For making me what I’m today! 🙂

Happy women day, everyone! ^.^


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