Wandering among the Wonders

Used to wonder
about peace of mind
in this chaotic world?

Its not some yoga,
not some meditation. 

It is sitting
on bonnet of car,
feeling the sea breeze
amidst the lights
of almost midnight.

It is not worrying,
about the working day
in the morning –
in the depths
of your mind
that you will manage

It is nothing planned
and methodical. 

It is
just you meeting
that might last
just for moments
give you the calm
that lingers for much long.


Its quite wanderful out there . .



Darkness engulfed me
and the cool breeze
whispered in my ears,

live this moment
to the fullest.

fifty shades of being an undergraduate

So I was supposed to make a research paper proposal, instead I came up with this:

Introduction: the individual who’s the student of undergraduate final year is supposed to make research paperroni proposal but facing the mind block issues. ‘mind block’ is a sibling of writers block and artist block but has more effects on an individual as its directly controls the mind.

find out a peaceful place.
the research doer should find a peaceful corner to relax and relax more. only this can fix the mind block problem. it will also be helpful to ponder upon the factors of why the mind isn’t supporting the individual with the current task at the time (in this case, proposal making, brainstorming).

find some ‘other’ activity: this other refers to anything other than the current task. research found that the more you try to focus on the demanded task, the more your mind will try to get away from it. the only possible solution is to divert mind somewhere else or something else. this would be a effective strategy to deal with the mind block problem.

Oh yes! it helps. get a blank sheet and write. write anything and everything. write whatever comes in your mind. this is the activity of that would help your mind to vent out the extra (or maybe worthy-extra as you may call it) material out of your mind that might be surrounding over the main channel of your mind and blocking the path for the current task.

Thank you.


PS. this material es Ol Original 😍

a less formal — About me

As my bio is kinda formal. Professional, yes. So I thought to go with another one which would be less formal 😉 (I’ll not remove da previous one because I like ett, too).
actually, I started this blog/website with a professional and journalistic (my subject) approach. But with da time I explored ett, I come across some very amazing people (Matt and Amy you’re INcluded) 😍 , their casual writings about life and other things, freely expressed book reviews and some real interesting awarded blogs. And with time I realized I’m enjoying ett more than my previous idea.

Poetry/poems, views, book reviews, adventures, exploring, experiences, philosophical thoughts, along with some real annoying blabbering 😛 – I assembled Ol Ov ett in this small world of my blog.

At first, What was just a simple attempt to read reviews of those books I couldn’t reach through da writings Ov others, turned out to be a real amazing experience. And I’d say I enjoyeddd ett a lottt!

Though, I don’t really need to say but anyone who come across this blog, is welcome to share ideas, books, words of wisdom. With a good discussion we Ol could learn something new and something better.

Happy reading! 🙂

– Fatima.

Da way to winter ❄

So. Finally da beautiful and painfully silent nights and crispness in da air made me realize that it’s finally time for da winter. Da weather to enjoy readings with books-and-blankets. and Hot drinks, Of course.

Hot drinks + good reads. = perfect moments :))

Hot drinks + good reads = perfect moments :))

Though, I have never been fond of winter season much (referring to da torture of getting up in morning and to leave my warm, cozy bed) but da winter nights are seriously LOVE!

Secondly, ett reminds me of my childhood memories when I used to stay in bed packed with heavy quilted blankets. and da bell of any wandering vendor selling dry fruits and sweet treats (including my all time favorite; lachhay :P) in nearby street used to bring joy to my heart ^.^

Well! It’s not same anymore 😦 but I really miss those days which seems like a real winter treat.

Oh! and a glimpse Ov desi lachhay 😉 – Ol time favorite.


I hope you Ol enjoying da season and seasonal treats wherever you’re 🙂

Happy Winter Season! ❄