the shades of shadows


Creeping . . 








I don’t keep dry rose petals
inside my belongings,

I crumble them
and sprinkle them over
like the dead ashes.


da world of imaginary realism

I’m the fire that will burn you
and could become the reason of your destruction.

I’m the water that will be your flow
and could take you to the other part of your destination.

I’m the wind
that will surround you like your shadow

and make your soul
to flee away
from your Own

I’m everything that you can imagine
I’m anything you cannot believe!




Here and there

now and then


telling me

that I’m un growing

day by day . . .

they remember

da bloom and blossoms

of past days

And here I’m

recalling myself

of that phoenix

I read about in a book

who used to revel

en ets youngest days

then churning

night after after

like a hopeless

autumn leaf

and at last

burning en ets Own fire

Only to get a new birth

and live again

Da only thing es

after withering

night -after- night

day- by -day

I don’t want to get

a new life again

I just want this apocalypse

to be my end . . .


Bird Ov words

Walking on da path
neither flying in da sky
I’m a bird Ov words
Just soaring with da wind

let me soar through da wild wind

What Creates me
What Destroys me
I’m da blend of magical ink

Beastly beautiful
That is what I am . .

Utterly doubtful
With my own self
In da journey of
being and not being

Elements powerful
In da layer of great galaxy
Fine fire, water
Dust and wicked wind

let me soar with da wild winds!



Wake Me Up!

Wake me up

From those fake dreams

Fell en to

An imaginary stream

With hopes to conquer da world

I lost my own self esteem

Better to watch da footsteps

Da bloody path es a nightmare

Disguised in da shape Ov sweet dreams

Ett would shatter da soul into a thousand pieces

And let da body stay evergreen.