Last of Twenty-Seventeen

I thought to assemble my lasts of twenty-seven including book reads, food, presents, creative stuff etc.


I was trying to complete Pat Barker’s war time story: Toby’s Room as my last book of this year. But got my hands on Katie McGarry’s young adult book by mere chance.

Pushing the limits by Katie McGarry . . the book (eBook!) is just so amazing. I started reading it last weekend due to absence of any real book (hard copy!) at that time anddd couldn’t stop reading it after that.

Hoping to complete it tonight as my last of twenty-seventeen. 🤓


As the year used to end with the festivities of December and the fun of Holidays, I happened to devoured a lot of yummy food. From Pateesa to Doughnuts and Burgers to Omazing Omelettes. I realized my love for food. 😻

But Hey! the best food goes to . . ta-da! Popcorn. Comfort food. 

If you consider it a real food. 😛


Gone are the days where I used to create lot and lot of artistic stuff 🙁

this year the least I could call my creativity is this.

After I ruined the front of my laptop while pasting a newspaper cutting with a sellotape. I took it to get covered with a real laptop sheet & combined it with this amazing quoted sticker.

Black and Yellow – the combo is not so bad!



I have some sorta attachment with yellow cartoon character. Be it SpongeBob or Simpsons. 

andddd . . 

I got the most happiest person as a birthday present this year – Mr. Happy. I loved the character oh so much. I already bore a small Mr. Happy journaling notebook. But the Mr. Happy himself made me drooling over it. 


Fatima xx


a surprise present

Being an explorer, I Olvays liked and tried to explore something new. different. And interesting. And da world of internet helped me a lot with this.

a week ago I came across this post on a social media platform where an individual asked for help in a project. Where people (who would like to contribute) need to make a birthday note for her friend Carolina “In their Own language” and their country name in last. Along with another wish for Merry Christmas, to capture a picture of that happy birthday+merry Christmas note and send it to his email. Which would be gathered in a video as her surprise gift.

My birthday note:


Happy Birthday + Merry Christmas (en Urdu)

And believe! I really felt good doing this for her.

I made it in Urdu (my native language) along with some description in English to make it understandable, but for a clear idea of this birthday note. Here’s another example:

WIN_20151112_21_20_35_Pro (2)[1]

Da guy approached me and asked that he really need to collect at least fifteen of those happy birthday+merry Christmas notes before Christmas. As a help – da idea to post about birthday present contributions, strike me late but ets Olvays – better late than never. So Anyone who come across this post and feel inclined to participate could reach him at:

Ol hail to words!

title page

title page

Being an avid reader. I always loved reading books. But that never included poetry.

Okay. To be honest I always thought poetry/poems are a bit complicated version of words.

But last month I came across an amazing poem book that seriously changed my point of view.

I actually started reading this book after randomly picking a poem ‘I’m not so naive’ and the next thing I know. I was reading it again and again. And at last I borrowed the book from the owner (though, personally I don’t like exchanging books).

“Raging to be free” is English translation of the Sindhi poetry collections by Attiya Dawood done by Mr. Asif Aslam Farrukhi. The poems are accompanied by some brilliant artistic pieces of Mr. Abro which raised the essence of poems.

Attiya dawood represented the women of east in such a beautiful way. I am happy that I personally met the author and I’m more than happy that I came across this book and witnessed those feelings while reading those poems; bold. blunt. true. In depth.

enside pages - lines from I'm not so naive

enside pages – lines from I’m not so naive

Though, ets a disappointed I didn’t found da book in Goodreads. The book really deserves a lot of praises.

For details check here.

Da art Ov truck

Lately, I got a chance to travel through a truck and it is when I actually got the chance to explore a Pakistani traditional truck with its artistry and design other than pictures and images.

It is well-known fact that the land of Pakistan is flourished with various forms of arts and crafts; out of many one wonderful kind is the TRUCK ART.

Truck art is considered to be an artistic presentation by truck drivers and local artist in Pakistan.

Pakistani truck art portrays the cultural history, tradition and story-telling. It’s not about the outer appearance but also within the cabins one can easily notice the beautiful carvings and patterns that showcase a beautiful look and somehow become a way of ease for owners; truck-drivers.

The art of truck initiated since the era when camels were used to travel and trades. When their possessor used to decorates them with brilliant and contrasted colors to attract the passers-by.

In early twentieth century transportation companies started hiring the craftsmen of that time to make their buses more artistic and attractive in order to engage the local public through their vehicles. The practice of this art has its roots in the days of Old British era. In the current designed phase, truck-art has also become a major way to advertise.

The other things that is really worth-promoting is the idea of bringing out the local talent of art in rural places like small towns, villages and valleys and to connect them with employment in their own way.


A local Artist.

Even if the reasons behind the truck of art are similar but they widely variant from each other in areas, culture and nature. The prominent examples of this are the highly connected but still distinct cities, towns, village and valleys.


a foreigner noticing da crafty and vibrant art Ov truck.

The art of truck is eminently appreciated in various countries and got a degree of fashion symbol. Lately, New-Zealand based photographer cum filmmaker: Grant Peter visited Pakistan and encapsulate Art of Truck for exhibition.

Art of truck is a powerful mechanism for regional inhabitants to express themselves artistically.

“my inspiration quote”

We Ol savor da joy of book for several reasons. One of them es: because we feel moved by some beautiful thought-provoking words.

Da Quotation is one of da most relevant parts of reading. We highlight them en our books, use them en our conversations and we feel da inspiration through them.

And that’s why — I really enjoy da feeling of coming across some real good phrases. I guess we Ol do. Sometimes ett es while reading a book. Sometimes in da form of images in different internet posts Or in da blog posts of our fellow bloggers.

But there are few that really motivate you en your good-and-bad times. Here’s da one that did that to me:

You are the only person holding you back from doing the things you’ve always wanted to do. If you want to do something great in this life you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse”

I came across this one quote a long time ago somewhere over da internet and I don’t even knew where ets from or who said that (though i just discovered ets from Jim Rohn while finding some internet picture for this post) But this is one of my favorite and Da one that really motivated me a bundle of times. A dilemma solution for me! 🙂

We Ol have some inspiration quotes? Sometimes even more than one, right? well! I’d like to know which one is yours and why is that?

Happy reading! 🙂


now that could be said ‘a picture es worth a thousand words’ explanation Ov this quote!