Rugged, rough


behold the beauty


Of times

sealed in

Rusted, retired parchments



Recreational, radiant


Retreating into

their own self




Of unseen powers




Refusing to obey

Reign of mankind



Unreliable but


Restless & Ruthless


Ravenous for


Rousing the rapture



Book Review: How it happened

How It Happened by Shazaf Fatima Haider

It was one of the three books in my Want to Read.. Der aye durust aye (better late than never)

How It Happened – is tale of real-life events told in a humorous style; Fatima Haider’s portrayal of a desi family and their progress towards the acceptance of untraditional matrimonial ways is very relatable for readers of subcontinent. It gladly advanced towards a logical and contented ending not even once making me cringe over the peculiarity of Bandian household. One thing I absolutely loved is how Dadi (containing all the presumably villainous characteristics) and the claimed matriarch by author herself maturely coped with the situation (unlike some actual likewise situations I know from real life). I would recommend it to readers in search of a lighthearted, laugh-out-loud read with happy ending.

Plot: 3 stars 🌟
Humour: 1 star 🌟


Not pleased with plastic

In the pursuit of going unbreakable, we haven’t realized we have brought our planet towards a fragile stage.

Its is alarming and questioning predictability of our own survival.

Items made/covered with newspaper aren’t just environment friendly. They are lovely to be surrounded with.
This is why it’s better to wrap/cover your books or similar material in newspaper instead of buying the plastic covered version. This is something I did a lot in university days.


In fact they look so cool as background of the creative art. Here is mine I did 5-6 years ago.


This one I got as a shopping bag with my purchase at an art – craft shop of a cafe some two years ago .. I hope we see more of these around now since we finally got the ban on nasty-plasty.
Also it’s a special request to all the food bloggers and travellers out there to acknowledge the facts relevant to single-use plastic. You visit restaurants more than us. You explore places more than us. Your contribution in this regard would be highly supportive.



I be blank


go in

Into a land

filled with blanks


Holding edge

of shallow grounds


on the brink

of breaking down







Throw your skin


Just dive in

the void

Why not explore

Its within



been haunting


for years



and ages


The ‘what’

and ‘why’

would never fly


They cling

to your side

become the







Don’t let them

suck you in

The conqueror

that you have in


Let it come outside

open up your wings


This is the soul

you embodies

that  sparkle the



Let it take




IMG_1046 (1)-1

Egg Sandwich, anyone?

Egg Sandwich, anyone want this? You? You? No? Okay thank you.


So, as I was chumbling this sandwich in the cafe of the private library I used to visit, I was also sandwiched in a dozen of thoughts.

This. used to happen every time.

Whenever I would come to this library which was for me the other part of city . . my mind sandwiched with the thoughts of: Oh! now I have to go back all the way to my area. Oh I wish I get the bus soon. I must leave before the dusk. Hence dark and after dusk = more chance of being harassed on Clifton’s lavish streets. always sandwiched between a lot of light-spitting shopping malls but not so much for pedestrians and bus riders.

Sandwiched with other thought: I am finally enjoying the joy of first-hand paperback without having to pay its expensive amount. quite a good deal, eh? No more pirated book business. But did I really enjoyed a place where I felt more in an imprisoned state rather than to get the heavenly feeling among books? No. I wasn’t.

and I actually felt good when I received my about-to-finish subscription email thing of which I previously planned for a redo.

Now, my out of the sandwich mind thought is: to hell. to hell with all these fake phenomenons attached with our love of book and book places. Get a pirated book. Read and read with joy if you are drawn towards it. Just don’t give in yourself to these theories strapped with the world of books, words, thoughts, reading. Read on the bus, read in the wedding. Get rid of this incorporated version of your read life if you want to. Just Readexplore yourself. Yeah, I know its not a word read+explore but it should be.

Happy reading, with-or-without sandwiches, everyone!



Have you ever
been through those
days and nights
voices enside you
are so chaotically silent

& . . .
scares you to death

which makes you
utter those words
with each other
Unable to understand!

.     .     .

The moments
When you are constrained
to whisper
whistling tones
To cope with
the echoes
Enside you.

When you try
to write
those verses
that might enable you
to slip out of the pain.