peyala hotel – place for chai lovers

As the evening fell and Maghreb prayers echoed, the food street of Latifabad seventh unit came to a life with the hustle-bustle of passers-by, pedestrians, customers, consumers, riders and local people.

The food street of Latifabad seventh unit is always filled with various vendors selling variety of food items and drinks; milkshakes, bun-kebab sandwiches, the specially minced meat masala (usually known as Kata-Katt) or the fast food corners and ice-creams parlors. Bursting with aromas of ready-made or uncooked meals. It could seek the attention of any passer-by.

But one would always crave a desi hotel among this environment. Quetta Peyala Hotel  fulfills the demand of that desi-styled atmosphere with its meals and services.

A place equally adored by daily wage laborers and workers, unemployed individuals, students and high profile people as well as families.

Quetta Peyala Hotel  started twelve years ago at the same food street by Mr. Khaliq Shah offering the traditional Peyala Tea. Peyala tea is famous for its full-flavored strongly (I’d say painfully) sweet taste and the peyala style of serving which reminds the handed-down way of cultural cuisines.

The combination of parantha and omelette added later to serve a complete meal which is equally adored by consumers. The interesting aspect is that Anda-Parantha with traditional Peyala Chai is not limited as breakfast but served as a meal in the special hours of hotel.

The hotel to work all week witnesses the hustle-bustle from 8 p.m. till midnight as their special hours. Whereas the seasonal meals include Green Tea as their winter treat.

Along with their cuisines, people praise the service of Quetta Peyala Hotel which serves the diners and takeaway customers with professional ease.

No wonder Quetta Peyala Hotel attracts the locals and make them prefer it among a number of other hotels.


peyala hotel – a capture from food street

Hello people! As I mentioned before I started this blog with journalistic approach. So this one (feature), I did for my university paper. But there’s something more I’d like to share. As a reporter-in-process I always told myself if I couldn’t observe & represent the things from my own place, there’s no way I could go further. Being a reporter and girl at same time, from a not-so-liberal place isn’t that simple. While doing this feature I realized the dhaaba owner didn’t like the idea of a girl wandering among his male-packed customers & tried to shoo me away (not exaggerating!) 🙂 but then later after some effort, few people from the same dhaaba helped me and through this experience one of my point of view got more strong;
the idea of ‘negatives accompanied by positives’.

Thanks to my experience! :))


a surprise present

Being an explorer, I Olvays liked and tried to explore something new. different. And interesting. And da world of internet helped me a lot with this.

a week ago I came across this post on a social media platform where an individual asked for help in a project. Where people (who would like to contribute) need to make a birthday note for her friend Carolina “In their Own language” and their country name in last. Along with another wish for Merry Christmas, to capture a picture of that happy birthday+merry Christmas note and send it to his email. Which would be gathered in a video as her surprise gift.

My birthday note:


Happy Birthday + Merry Christmas (en Urdu)

And believe! I really felt good doing this for her.

I made it in Urdu (my native language) along with some description in English to make it understandable, but for a clear idea of this birthday note. Here’s another example:

WIN_20151112_21_20_35_Pro (2)[1]

Da guy approached me and asked that he really need to collect at least fifteen of those happy birthday+merry Christmas notes before Christmas. As a help – da idea to post about birthday present contributions, strike me late but ets Olvays – better late than never. So Anyone who come across this post and feel inclined to participate could reach him at:

a less formal — About me

As my bio is kinda formal. Professional, yes. So I thought to go with another one which would be less formal 😉 (I’ll not remove da previous one because I like ett, too).
actually, I started this blog/website with a professional and journalistic (my subject) approach. But with da time I explored ett, I come across some very amazing people (Matt and Amy you’re INcluded) 😍 , their casual writings about life and other things, freely expressed book reviews and some real interesting awarded blogs. And with time I realized I’m enjoying ett more than my previous idea.

Poetry/poems, views, book reviews, adventures, exploring, experiences, philosophical thoughts, along with some real annoying blabbering 😛 – I assembled Ol Ov ett in this small world of my blog.

At first, What was just a simple attempt to read reviews of those books I couldn’t reach through da writings Ov others, turned out to be a real amazing experience. And I’d say I enjoyeddd ett a lottt!

Though, I don’t really need to say but anyone who come across this blog, is welcome to share ideas, books, words of wisdom. With a good discussion we Ol could learn something new and something better.

Happy reading! 🙂

– Fatima.

Da Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey people. first I’d like to thanks whoever created this whole awarded blogs idea which connects da blogging community in such an amazing way. And then Matt at Matt and His Cats for nominating me. check out his blog and I assure you’ll not get bored en his kitty corner ^.^

To me, this blog seems like a way to bring out da hidden sunshine among Ol Ov us!

So here’s a brighten-up-your-day quote: 🙂


spread da sunshine!

Here are da rules:

  • Thank the person/people who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions from your nominators.
  • Nominate other bloggers and give them eleven questions.
  • this is to spread the love and so that we’ll meet interesting bloggers. Please do check out all of the blogs I nominated and follow them if you like.


Here are my answers – (and I tried my best to do justice with them):

What is your go to beverage, either at a bar or cafe/ restaurant?

Tea. Olvays 🙂

Have you got a book/ book series you’ve read more than twice?

No book have appealed me enough to read ett again except forty rules Ov love (by elif shafak). but still ets my second time so technically da answer is NO.

What is your favourite holiday and why?

I love Ol kind Ov holidays if that means I’m getting a day off 😍

How long have you been blogging for?

For a year, I guess. I’m not sure exactly

What was your first home like/ If you haven’t moved out yet, what do you imagine your first home to be like?

A small apartment with a small bedroom & a BIG kitchen 😉

Are you a Cat or Dog person?

Neither. Though if I’ve to choose one I’d prefer cat. Kittens exactly 😉

Would you rather be a Viking or Roman soldier?

What are they? 😀 I’m sorry I don’t have any idea about them

Would you rather be a Pilot or a Sailor?

Sailor. Can I say pirate? Like captain jack sparrow ^.^

Would you rather be a fox or a horse?

Wow! Hard to choose. I’ll go with horse 😀

What is your favourite Pokemon?

Pikachu 🙂

Would you experience the life of a millionaire for a year, if it meant living on minimum wage for ten years afterwards?

No way 😐 I’d never exchange my ordinary self for some millionaire kinda offer.


NOW da questions designed by me:

1. Da scariest moment Ov your life?
2. A moment you want to relive?
3. A book that made you cry badly?
4. Your obsession – that really annoys your family/your partner?
5. What keeps you waking up every morning?
6. Define yourself through any fictitious book character? (from which book)
7. Your favorite house from Hogwarts School Ov witchcraft and wizardry?
8. What is ett you liked most in my blog/website?
9. Da best gift of mother nature, in your point of view?
10. A book you’d recommend every reader despite age and genre?
11. Few words of wisdom – that motivated you throughout bad&good times?


Here are my nominees for this award:

  1. Book Enthrall
  2. Reading with Lucia
  3. Fiddle & the Drum
  4. Comfy Reading
  5. Your daughters bookshelf


I hope you Ol are enjoying your current reads – Happy reading! 🙂

– Fatima.

Da way to winter ❄

So. Finally da beautiful and painfully silent nights and crispness in da air made me realize that it’s finally time for da winter. Da weather to enjoy readings with books-and-blankets. and Hot drinks, Of course.

Hot drinks + good reads. = perfect moments :))

Hot drinks + good reads = perfect moments :))

Though, I have never been fond of winter season much (referring to da torture of getting up in morning and to leave my warm, cozy bed) but da winter nights are seriously LOVE!

Secondly, ett reminds me of my childhood memories when I used to stay in bed packed with heavy quilted blankets. and da bell of any wandering vendor selling dry fruits and sweet treats (including my all time favorite; lachhay :P) in nearby street used to bring joy to my heart ^.^

Well! It’s not same anymore 😦 but I really miss those days which seems like a real winter treat.

Oh! and a glimpse Ov desi lachhay 😉 – Ol time favorite.


I hope you Ol enjoying da season and seasonal treats wherever you’re 🙂

Happy Winter Season! ❄

Book Review: PS. I love you by Cecelia Ahern

PS. I love you by Cecelia Ahern

PS. I love you by Cecelia Ahern

Da story is about Holly who lost her love. Gerry, her husband, best friend, family and everything. How hard ett es for Holly to cope with that and how Gerry helped Holly after death with this.

Okay. So first Ov Ol let me say. This book was a journey to me. I went through different moods and different views about this book until last.

When I started this book I was expecting much. In da beginning da narrative felt so exaggerated. I actually skipped PAGES to reach da end (this happened in ‘girls in da city documentary made by Declan’ chapters). But eventually da story got better. Specially when ett focused on Holly. And well! Holly and Gerry.

Da family scenes were good and I enjoyed reading da conversations but at some places they felt unneeded. Overall it’s a good book. Worth try. Da only thing is that, da story could be summed up in less pages. I mean 500+ es a LOT to me.

I really felt connected to some phrases in this book. Da end was really good and at last I’m satisfied that eventually I enjoyed reading ett and finished this one.

Excerpted from the story:

Finding someone you love and who loves you back is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. But finding a true soul mate is an even better feeling. A soul mate is someone who understands you like no other, loves you like no other, will be there for you for ever, no matter what. They say that nothing lasts for ever, but I am a firm believer in the fact that for some, love lives on even after they’re gone.

Last of Twenty-Seventeen

I thought to assemble my lasts of twenty-seven including book reads, food, presents, creative stuff etc.


I was trying to complete Pat Barker’s war time story: Toby’s Room as my last book of this year. But got my hands on Katie McGarry’s young adult book by mere chance.

Pushing the limits by Katie McGarry . . the book (eBook!) is just so amazing. I started reading it last weekend due to absence of any real book (hard copy!) at that time anddd couldn’t stop reading it after that.

Hoping to complete it tonight as my last of twenty-seventeen. 🤓


As the year used to end with the festivities of December and the fun of Holidays, I happened to devoured a lot of yummy food. From Pateesa to Doughnuts and Burgers to Omazing Omelettes. I realized my love for food. 😻

But Hey! the best food goes to . . ta-da! Popcorn. Comfort food. 

If you consider it a real food. 😛


Gone are the days where I used to create lot and lot of artistic stuff 🙁

this year the least I could call my creativity is this.

After I ruined the front of my laptop while pasting a newspaper cutting with a sellotape. I took it to get covered with a real laptop sheet & combined it with this amazing quoted sticker.

Black and Yellow – the combo is not so bad!



I have some sorta attachment with yellow cartoon character. Be it SpongeBob or Simpsons. 

andddd . . 

I got the most happiest person as a birthday present this year – Mr. Happy. I loved the character oh so much. I already bore a small Mr. Happy journaling notebook. But the Mr. Happy himself made me drooling over it. 


Fatima xx

Last Book in 2017

So . . I was trying to complete Pat Barker’s war time story: Toby’s Room as my last book of this year. But got my hands on Katie McGarry’s young adult book by mere chance.

Pushing the limits by Katie McGarry . . the book (eBook!) is just so amazing. I started reading it last weekend due to absence of any real book (hard copy!) at that time anddd couldn’t stop reading it after that.

Hoping to complete it tonight as my last of twenty-seventeen. 🤓

Food review: Karamél Cookies

After hearing a lot about this new cookie outlets Karamél in town, I finally ordered mine today while their free delivery offer is going for this weekend. 

I started with the basic and ordered the milk chocolates along with brownie.

Delivery: it was late due to the situation all over the city but in the end, am glad, they served it on my doorstep rather than an apology.

The meal: & the hype was not wrong, these cookies are really worth it. They are actually different than the ones we usually get with our hot drinks in cafés .

The sweetened taste was more than expected but the deliciousness made me forget it . 

I consumed mine with a glass of milk. (what could be the better combination of cookie than milk) & given their BIG size (as compared to the packet cookies) I was really full after a cookie and milk.

No kidding, but it’s actually kind of addictive.

#cookie #muchawaited #overwhelmed #brownie #allthehype #itsworthit #warning #highlyaddictive #cookieoutlet #karachi #cookiewithmilk #notasweettooth #butlovecookiesmore

Book review: Cheryl Strayed Book

The actual title of the book is: Tiny Beautiful Things – Advice on Love and Life from Someone who has been there. The author is Cheryl Strayed. I know what you might be thinking: an Advice column? Or a bundle of Advice columns compiled as a book?


When I finally got the book!


First thought on the book:

Never thought I was the kind of person who could read internet suggestion columns kinda thing but that’s the beauty of books; the very best combination of paper and words make you explore a lot more than you expect.

I didn’t had very-many words to write a long book review of this one however I thought to express some of my feelings.


When I first got hold of the book; some of the phrases that appealed me much to continue reading it.

What led me to this book
: Wild.

Upon watching the movie: Wild, which was the adaptation of the book on her real life story I came to know about Cheryl Strayed. The inspiration from movie was enough to make me read the book as well. But alternatively I came across this one in the library.

When I first got hold of the book; there were some of the phrases that appealed me much to continue reading it.



I never read a better description of love. so concise!

and when I got to this page, all I could think is: Woah! I never read a better description of what love is. It so concise! and simultaneously so true.

The best thing you can possibly do with your life is to tackle the motherfucking shit out of love.

Eventually, the book made me realize how sometimes words can help you and how sometimes words can heal you. all in all, it made me realize: words matters! 

What you could expect from this book. Questions! Usually, we read stuff to get our answers but through this book I got informed about a lot of queries that might present in some hidden part of our minds but the ones we never actually give a thought. Strayed so beautifully dealt with those uncertainties while sharing her own real life tales.

I won’t ask you to add this book in your To-Be-Read list and read whenever you can. But I would surely suggest you to consider reading it when you want to ask some really shitty-confusing, killing your good vibes kind of questions in your life. Strayed’s responses might accompany you to acknowledge a lot in your quests.


Happy reading!

– Fatima 🙂

Wandering among the Wonders

Used to wonder
about peace of mind
in this chaotic world?

Its not some yoga,
not some meditation. 

It is sitting
on bonnet of car,
feeling the sea breeze
amidst the lights
of almost midnight.

It is not worrying,
about the working day
in the morning –
in the depths
of your mind
that you will manage

It is nothing planned
and methodical. 

It is
just you meeting
that might last
just for moments
give you the calm
that lingers for much long.


Its quite wanderful out there . .

Book review: the storied life of AJ fikry

The storied life of AJ fikry = a bookish treat.

This book was recommended to me a year ago (or more I guess!). 

The storied life of AJ fikry by Gabrielle Zevin

At first, I was unable to understand the idea of this book – labelled as adult fiction and with an interesting synopsis; whether this book is a mystery thriller about a kid secretly left on the doorstep of the protagonist . . but why the front cover is filled with the illustration of books. and what’s the ‘story-ied life’ – the term which is making it look like the story with the background of 90s . I probably won’t prefer a book set in a background that old?!

That was all, what was going in my mind when I picked the book. 

But you know how sometimes we wonder if there would be a story on books, in fact if there would be a book on books? That’s what “the storied life of AJ fikry” is. 

It is so filled with bookish stuff; you’ll fall in love with reading and books even more. Gabrielle zevin so nicely interwined the story with the references of books, you’ll end up loving it. I repeat: this book is a bookish treat. 🙂

but he had been wrong. Infallible A.J. had not sniffed out Leon Friedman as a fraud. She is not sure why this matters at this moment, but it does. Maybe it is evidence of some boyish, delusional part of him. She cocks her head. I will keep this secret because I love you. As Leon Friedman (Leonora Ferris?) once wrote, ‘A good marriage is, at least, one part conspiracy.

Food Review: Ridaan – House of Mandi

Till last year I wasn’t a foodie and I was definitely not an outgoing person. Every family lunch and dinner plan used to meet with a big flat NO!

Pizzeria. No!

Fast food. No!

Barbecue. Obviously NO!

But living in a different place other than your own brings a lot of new experiences and helps you explore a lot more.

Ridaan was one such place that I got to explore, totally suggested by friends. The experience was actually WOW that I fell in love with the idea of trying something new.

The place was adorned with all the fundamentals that would make you feel you have actually stepped into a Middle Eastern eatery.

Rather than tables, Ridaan is architectured into traditionally styled compartments, letting you to have the old-folk experience of dining while sitting on the floor covered into patterned sheets. If there is one thing I like about woodwork; it is the intricacy and Ridaan was furnished with some wonderful woodwork. The chandeliers festooned throughout the place give it a beautiful and luminous look.

Ridaan is an Arabic themed restaurant, that doesn’t offer a wide variety but some real good selected meals along with drinks and appetizers.

The real observation initiated with the menu; outlining all the main courses, appetizers and drinks the place was currently offering. We finally settled on Madbee as main course, and Kunafa as the sweet dish.


If there is one thing I like most about woodwork is its intricacy.

To our great delight, they served the soup as starter. The soup was actually nice and bore a real different taste than the usual soups (Chinese etc.) we devour on usual basis.

Then came the “Madbee” – which was a platter full of rice, chicken pieces, and salad vegetables. There were two kind of sauces, that might pass as raita in our desi version. The two platters were actually enough for four people.


The Madbee was actually served in two large platters.

Kunafa (the sweet meal) was equally tasty, which is a traditional combination of baked vermicelli and seasoned with thick cream. The best part about the sweet dish was that it was actually not over-sweetened. (not a sweet-tooth really! So it came as an advantage) 🙂



The meal that was actually served into two large platters filled with the main course meal – Madbee.


the impressive look of traditional round platters!


In the beginning we planned to have Qehva [drink] as our last take, but had to plan it for the next time. (Yep. Were really full by the time we were done with the Kunafa).

One of the things, that really impressed us – other than food  was the quick and efficient service of staff. 

Glad to say, it was an economical experience and is one of the best option when you are looking to have some good time with family-friends and wants to explore something new and different in a single shot.

Happy exploring, everyone! 😉

– Fatima